Choose Your MFB Show Host

Choose Your Host

Given the popularity of The My Future Business Show, and its ability to reach a wide audience, we now offer a selection of specialist show hosts that closely align with your chosen topic.

Note that choosing your host is an option; and as the founder of the show, it is my privilege to interview you personally about your entrepreneurial journey, your business and your books.


How Do I Choose My Host?

As a newly forming service, we are currently talking with a number of very skilled hosts that are keen to interview you.

More information will be added to this FAQ as we confirm hosts that are a good fit, and have delivering an amazing interview experience as their top priority.

Once we have confirmed our specialist show hosts, we will add the option to choose your interviewer to the initial application form, and categorize the interviewer by their specialist topic[s].


How Do I Apply To Be A Host On The Popular My Future Business Show?

If you are an experienced podcast host looking for a way to do podcast interviews without having to worry about any of the administrative, production and distribution work in the background, this might be for you.

Right now, I'm talking with experienced podcasters and shortlisting those who best fit the show format, and have a focus on delivering an exceptional experience for our guests.

This is not a job interview. It is an opportunity for you to save time and money, whilst staying at the forefront as a podcaster. Let us do the heavy lifting in the background.

If this sounds like something that you'd enjoy doing, I will be creating a more formal option for you to register your interest shortly. Right now, CLICK HERE to express your interest.