What Happens Next


Congratulations! You've successfully locked in a date and time for your interview, so what happens next?


My Future Business uses Book Like A Boss to manage all of our interview bookings.


Book Like A Boss makes choosing a date and time easy - it converts to your local time - and it provides SMS reminders for guests who provide their mobile number.


In addition to that, Book Like A Boss sends reminder emails prior to the interview, containing a ZOOM link for you to click on when it's time for your call. Both the guest and the host receive reminder emails.


With Zoom, you have two options: you can call in on mobile using the Zoom call link provided, or you can login to your browser [for best results use Google Chrome] with the desktop Zoom link provided.


When logging into the Zoom room on your Google Chrome browser, make sure to use a wired internet connection for best results [WiFi is not reliable]. 


To visualize the interview booking process, I've created the following visual steps such that you know what to expect as we get closer to your interview.

STEP 1: Complete the interview application form

STEP 2: When application form submitted, you are redirected to the checkout page to confirm your interview

STEP 3: When confirmed, you redirect to our thank you page where you choose a date & time & provide your name & mobile number

STEP 4: On the thank you page, once you enter your details, you will see a booking successful pop up notification

STEP 5: At that time, you will also receive an email containing your interview details along with a Zoom meeting link.