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( Due to popular demand, My Future Business has set up an online Advice Line ( where you can get your questions answered. There are times where you just want an answer without being sold something that you know you really don't need or want. This is an effective way to get answers to those business-building and podcast-related questions without the need to invest in any other program. With...

Raising A Support Request

If you have a question or issue, you can submit a 'support ticket' that will be sent to our customer care team who will take action to resolve it for you. A support ticket is a systematic way to have your questions, queries, concerns and improvement ideas heard. Our support ticket system gives us the ability to better serve you. To submit a support ticket, CLICK HERE (

What Does It Cost To Run A Business

It takes a lot of time and effort to deliver a top quality show like The My Future Business Show. It also takes money to maintain website hosting, employ staff, renew software licenses, host interviews, and so on. The My Future Business Show is my passion, however, it does require all of these things to continue making a difference. My goal is to continue delivering a world class show unlike many others that you see flooding the market. With that said, it can only be done by ask...

Whitelisting My Future Business Emails

Thank you for subscribing to My Future Business! Many e-mail and Internet companies are now using programs to block unwanted e-mail, often called spam. Sometimes, however, these programs block e-mail you want to get. To Ensure You Are Receiving Your My Future Business Emails Do The Following: Be sure to add the corresponding My Future Business email addresses to your email white list to ensure the best chance of receiving our content and updates. A white list is a list of accepted items...

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