Equipment You Will Need

Congratulations On Booking Your Spot!

Below are some basic equipment and resource requirements...


To deliver the best quality interview possible, before your call, please consider the following...


  • [Use a reliable [hardwired] internet connection] - poor internet quality has a negative impact on call recording quality - [avoid using WIFI as it often causes choppy voice recordings.]


  • [Use a good quality camera for video calls] - poor quality video detracts from the quality of the final video production. 


  • [Set yourself up for the interview in a quiet environment] - barking dogs, birds chirping, passing cars, fans, and so on, can be a distraction for listeners.


  • [Use a good quality microphone] is needed to get the best sound quality. I recommend spending a bit of time deciding which microphone will be best for you.


  • [Use a set of quality headphones] [standard iPhone/Android style headphones will work fine] - this reduces the possibility of audio feedback, delay and double audio where you can hear your voice twice. 


  • [Check your computer settings] including Skype ID / Zoom / Google Account login details confirmed before the call.


Please note...


  • If you are unable to achieve these minimum standards, it is more than likely that your interview recording will be lower quality than desired. Thus, if this turns out to be the case, and for whatever reason the quality of your recording is poor, your call may not go live.