The Business Podcasting Funnel Mastery [BPFM] program was created after receiving several requests for help setting up business-focused podcast shows.

Since that time, the BPFM program has evolved into a fully-fledged personalized one-to-one coaching program that not only sets up your business-focused podcast show, it also provides you with your own working conversion-focused funnel that is optimized for results.

What Is A Funnel?

A funnel, as it relates to business-focused podcasting, is a process where you 'funnel' a stranger through your business with the intention of converting them from an interested person, to a buyer of your goods and or services.

As a BPFM client, you and I set up and implement a Funnelytics funnel that maps our your entire funnel. Part of this includes giving you direct access to your funnel inside the Funnelytics platform via a special link.

Even though the Funnelytics funnel builder software is next level when it comes to creating a visual map of a conversion-focused funnel, it is much more than just a pretty picture on a page.

To give you an idea, your Funnelytics funnel gives you the ability to track numbers over any given time period, visually see real-time activity using 'marching ants', and reveal exactly how many people visited your funnel, which pages they viewed, what time they visited your pages, and which country they viewed your site from.

Funnelytics also enables you to forecast your success through an inbuilt forecasting feature. This forecasting feature enables you to project expenses, revenue, profit and return on investment [ROI]. With this feature you are able to understand how much traffic to drive and what you will pay to hit your ideal revenue, and know your ideal conversion rate across each step of your funnel.

When you become a BPFM client, you get your own unique visual funnel built for you, that you get to access and monitor as we work towards setting up your own conversions-focused funnel inside your business.

When working with me, we use your unique funnel to guide the actual build phase of your conversion-focused funnel. In this way, nothing is ever missed, and when you start using it, you can visually see what is working and what needs to be improved in your funnel to optimize your results. 

Successful applicants will also receive lifetime access to our entire suite of existing supplementary programs including Email Marketing Success, Successful Affiliate Marketing 101, Fast-Track Info Product Creation, Inside Outsourcing, and finally, our flagship program, My Profitable Podcast Business program.

Not only is the BPFM program an opportunity to save time and money, it's the best way to fast-tracking your funnel build so you can achieve better results sooner.

The BPFM program is by application only: CLICK HERE TO APPLY