Booking Your Spot On The Show

The My Future Business Show Interviews Business Owners, Authors & Entrepreneurs!



If you're looking for more online exposure that gets you in front of your best customers, keeps you there, and helps you grow your business, then please read on...


Lock in your spot as our next special guest and share your message in your own voice, in an environment that is laid back, non-threatening and relaxed.


As a permanent voice on the My Future Business Show, listeners can access your interview 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




Here's what some of my previous guests have to say about their time on the show: CLICK HERE




What You Get...


  • Your interview post on the My Future Business website will identify the key points discussed throughout the call.


  • Your My Future Business Show interview post will detail how to contact you, provide information on any special bonuses or giveaways you might be offering, and it will come with clickable links to your website and/or books or other links you wish to promote.


  • Your interview will be shared across all of our media channels - which gets you in front of all our existing audiences that span across...


  • Google Podcasts
  • Blubrry Podcasts
  • iTunes Podcasts
  • Stitcher Podcasts
  • TuneIn Podcasts
  • Castbox Podcasts
  • Medium
  • Telegram
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • The My Future Business Show Facebook Group
  • The My Future Business Show Facebook Page
  • Google's My Future Business website which attracts hundreds of new listeners each month, and via...
  • YouTube - where we also add relevant search keywords related to your business using our premium 'Tube Buddy' and 'Tubics' SEO software to make finding your business even easier.


  • On request, you can also have your call live streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Periscope TV.


  • Your interview includes a permanent listing on the My Future Business website in both video and audio format.


  • Your interview includes your own branding inside the video of your interview, and also inside your post.


  • Your interview audio recording is 'sticky' meaning that it is available on the My Future Business home page for visitors to access and listen to for 30 days.


  • You are given your own fully edited MP3 audio recording and MP4 video recording of your interview that you are free to use in any way you like.


  • You can share your interview link and experience [ongoing media exposure] for your business - Hence our home page promise: 


"We Get You In Front Of Your Best Customers, And Keep You There!"




When you send through your completed application form requesting an interview, please make sure to provide as much detail as possible about yourself [or the person you are nominating].


The more information provided up front about you and your business, venture, book etc, the easier it is to assess whether or not you [or someone you nominate] are a good fit for the show.


If you have a media sheet or personal bio, feel free to upload it [in PDF format] using the interview application form up-loader tool located at the bottom of the form.  


You also have the option to provide a giveaway to further promote your business, book, software etc. We run a weekly giveaway where you get to add a link back to your offer for even more exposure.


Once received, it usually takes one [1] working day to assess your request to be interviewed.




Interview Duration


45 minutes is allocated to each confirmed interview - this provides enough time to address issues that may arise on the day.


*Interview duration ranges in between 20 and 40 minutes in total recording time.




Your Investment


There is a one-time fee of $37. 

By introducing this fee, I have all but eliminated situations where guests book their interview, but fail to show up on the day.

I have also found that individuals who invest in their call, value their time on the show and all of the additional benefits they receive; which are unique to the My Future Business Show [see above].